Good morning all my fellow visitors. Just remember we are all...

Good morning all my fellow visitors. Just remember we are all visitors here and one day you and I will be gone. This is not meant to be a bummer of a post. We will all die one day, but I want to encourage you to make the most of your time here. Be kind to others, be forgiving because we all make mistakes and screw up. We need more compassion from all of us and we need more compassion from our leaders and lawmakers. I don’t understand not caring for others and not doing all we can for better healthcare and mental health care in this country and better drug treatment programs. I know I’m rambling, but in the last week my circle of friends lost several people from drug or alcohol complications and some mental health issues. I just wonder when we will all start caring more. I am not always the most caring, I try and I sure as hell will fall short. Don’t waste today, be kind to your self, be kind to others. And if you don’t like my hippy rant kiss my ass! Oh wait I’m not supposed to be saying that. See we all mess up and need forgiveness. Remember we are all just visitors. I hope you all have a beautiful day visiting planet earth. I’m going to eat pancakes and hang out with my family and friends and work on some songs.
Peace and Love
#rebelkingmusic #clubduquette #visitors (at Birmingham, Alabama)

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