Happy International Women’s day! My wife @ruggedandfancy and I...

Happy International Women’s day! My wife @ruggedandfancy and I talked about it earlier and I whole heartedly agree, we should be celebrating women every day! My wife is an amazing women. Nothing I type will do her justice, but I’ll try. She is brilliant, beautiful, gifted, talented, kind, loving, giving, the greatest mother who brings absolute joy to her son, and a BOSS! A painter, a business owner of two businesses where she creates content, does digital strategy, marketing, copy writing, photography, merchandising, buying. I’m barely scratching the list. She is my partner, my ride or die, my everything. I’m in awe of her everyday and I’m not always the best of showing it. Seventeen wild years together and good Lord willing our whole lives together. I hope I can be a better husband and partner to you every day. Thank you my love. #ruggedandfancyart

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