I am about to ramble so please be patient with me. My old friend...

I am about to ramble so please be patient with me. My old friend Chris Porter was killed yesterday in a tragic auto accident while on tour as was his bass player Mitch and drummer Adam is in the hospital.

Chris had a work ethic with his music like few people do these days. I have cried many, many times today remembering so many hangs with Chris way back in the day to talking on the phone recently about us playing a show together. I wish we had been able to. Chris was my friend when many folks were not. When I made my mistakes during my cocaine fueled year of existence, Chris was pissed at me but did not judge.

Chris wrote lyrics that cut to the bone. Chris was loved by everyone. Chris was a lifer in the rock n roll world. Chris was a prolific songwriter and collaborator with so many people. I remember sitting in his van at Wigginstock in Wiggins MS listening to his demos and me playing him my new songs that would become Rabbit Runs A Destiny.

I’m just pouring out my memories of a great friend in hopes I never forget those moments in time. Like him coming to move stuff for us when my back was pulled out. He didn’t even blink. I was very sad when I began this, but I find myself smiling through all these great memories. I know Chris would say play some sad loud rock n roll and drink some whiskey.

Please hug your loved ones, GO see live music, support working musicians and touring musicians, buy their music, buy their merch. Chris played his heart out every time I saw him and would have done it for another 100 years if he could. He loved his fans, friends and family.

Thank You Chris for your music and your friendship. I promise to never stop making music my brother.

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