Last Tuesday sitting in @balthazarny and freaking out that one...

Last Tuesday sitting in @balthazarny and freaking out that one of my all time hero’s, Mark Gonzales, was sitting at a table behind my wife. When I was a kid watching skateboard videos Gonz stood out as being insanely unique and a pure individual. Skateboarding was freeing for me. I played tennis but never fit in with the major group sports. So I dove deeper into skating and art and Gonz was always a source of inspiration and has continued to be that for decades. An artist, a skater, a business owner, just total bad ass and always original. Now lately I’ve found myself showing my son Mark’s videos from throughout the years and also showing him his artwork. I stood up in Balthazar as he was walking past and I was shaking nervous, something that’s never happened to me. Just grateful I could thank him and share with him how he is still inspiring generations of kids. I think I might have freaked him out. But I gave him a bandana and shook his hand. Gonz thank you for taking a couple of quick minutes to let me ramble and thank you for being an original always. Never be afraid to say hello to your hero’s. Be kind. Share peace and love and make more art. #markgonzales #rebelkingmusic #ruggedandfancyroadtrip #clubduquette (at Balthazar)

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