What do you know about rock n roll! It’s Saturday morning...

What do you know about rock n roll! It’s Saturday morning and my house is asleep. I can’t stop thinking about art for my new album and how lately I have had no desire for social media. We all want connection and we need it now more than ever. Sometimes I don’t post because I am insanely focused on being a good dad, husband, business owner and hopefully a good friend to those close to me. I do want to share more but being present in the moments I am living is more important. Some folks can fire off a quick silly photo a few times a day and others are pro at promoting what they do. There is no right or wrong in that I just wanted to share my struggle with posting and let people know who follow me I am still here. The new album is done, artwork is getting going, and I am headed to SXSW to play the @commvess Showcase Wednesday night at the Velveeta room. I’ll be damned I just shared and promoted. I’ll be down at @clubduquette today from 9 until 3. Come see me.
Peace and Love
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