When I was in High School I had posters all over my bedroom...

When I was in High School I had posters all over my bedroom which was a dorm room in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The two biggest posters my senior year in 1990 were Sonic Youth’s Goo and right above my bed was the Husker Du poster for Zen Arcade I bought from Wuxtry records my sophomore year. Husker Du’s music got me through the challenging years of being a reclusive teenager, too many friends dying from drug overdoses or cancer or some other bullshit and living away from home, feeling like I was not sure where I fit in. Lot’s of solo driving or with my high school girlfriend around the mountains in Chattanooga and back and forth to Birmingham some. Zen Arcade was always on repeat. Grant Hart’s songs saved my soul back then and I will be forever grateful. For some it may seem silly to cry and mourn the loss of a musician I never got to meet. But the beauty of music is the connection it makes to people all around the world, young and old, every race, every sexual orientation, what ever you believed music breaks down the walls and unites people. Thank you Grant Hart and Husker Du for being such an inspiration and getting me through some of the most challenging years of my life. RIP Grant Hart

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