Where it all started. A sign my brother @8onrepeatvintage...

Where it all started. A sign my brother @8onrepeatvintage snagged for me at Brimfield. It came from a tavern in Wisconsin and my great grandfather owned a tavern in Wisconsin. I don’t think this was his, but who knows. For me the connection is there, my family, my history, and the namesake of one of the most influential people from my life. On days when I’m completely zapped from a wild toddler running us around, or working on the Club Duquette project and yes still writing songs and prepping to make an album, I hear my grandad’s voice and encouragement. He gave me a book once when I was a kid about Indian tribes and wrote in it “If you ever think you’ve had a rough day, read a chapter in this book.” #rebelkingmusic #clubduquette #eastlake #woodlawn

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